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Piccalily Circus is the Island’s answer to all your floral needs  and is a busy place full of flowers & scent,  creativity and a whole load of leaves dropped on the floor. During the growing season we purchase our flowers and plants from Island growers or from the market.  Each day has its different beauties and every design we arrange has its own character.

Busy workshop arrangements which went on to grace a setting for tea. Additionally each guest was presented with a ‘tussie mussie’ which is a small nosegay of fresh flowers.

Here at Piccalily Circus we strive to accommodate your floral design needs. Whether it is an Island Wedding, Memorial Services, Celebrations or bespoke events, you can be sure that your needs are met with professional courtesy, fresh blooms and artful designs.


The Island is surrounded by the raw beauty of Nature which is the overarching theme here. Finishes, colors and textures all hark back to nature, along with dramatic floral prints and vintage vases of stunning blooms; essentials for every interior every season.